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This ebook explains how you can leverage your social media audience to create a somewhat passive income.

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Everything you need to know in order to use Instagram to it’s fullest to market your business. You’ve created your account, created and curated your content… what’s next?

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This workbook provides a solid foundation and the necessary toolset for small businesses, marketeers and PRs to navigate the world of influencer marketing.

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Weekly Blog

How to Support Black People Right Now

This week has been difficult for the black community, we've seen another murder from police brutality in the US and thanks to social media that murder has gone viral, and is now stuck in many of our minds on a loop. Without a doubt. lockdown has been difficult for all...

How to Partake in Inclusive Marketing

Earlier this year our founder Charlotte Williams hosted a workshop at The Wing London about Diversity in Influencer Marketing.  Charlotte spoke about the importance of having diverse marketing and PR teams in order to execute diverse and inclusive influencer...

SevenSix Agency Launches Influencer Network & Talent Management

We are excited and proud to announce the launch of the SevenSix Influencer Network and Talent Management. Our aim is to connect brands with the best BAME content creators worldwide and to ensure there is representation in mainstream advertising. Our overall mission...

We Talk Lesbian Visibility Day with Char Bailey

We spoke to Char Bailey on our Wednesday Instagram Live about Lesbian Visibility Day. Char is the co-host of community podcast, volunteer education officer and a life coach. Char celebrates Lesbian Visibility Day which takes place every year on the 26th of April and...

The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

A repurposed & edited post from a post by Charlotte Williams on thestylum.com in 2018: We talk a lot about Diversity and Inclusion here at SevenSix Agency as it comes from a personal place. We don't think brands need to work on their internal and external D&I...