An Expert Guide to Making Money Online


This ebook has been written with digital influencers and content creators in mind, but anyone with the internet can follow these tips and make some money.



We’re currently in the unknown and as much as there is plenty advice online on how to look after yourself during this pandemic, there is little guidance out there for the freelancers who’s jobs have been cancelled and are not sure where their next pay is coming from. I am a small business owner and many of my friends are freelancers who have been immediately affected by the uncertainty of COVID19. In the last week, I have given many of my friends the same advice on how to diversify their income and still make a wage during this time, so I thought I’d write it all down and share with the world. The idea that people are completely losing their income and stability is petrifying and I want to limit this in any small way I can. Created in March 2020


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