by Amaa Enwo

3 days left until the Vision to Reality: 2021 Influencer Summit. If you haven’t heard about our event until now, you still have time to grab a ticket!

Maybe you’re just unsure about whether the summit is for you? Well, we’re here to change your mind and give you a rundown of the day and our amazing speakers.

2021 Influencer Toolkit

We’ve put together a panel of influencer experts to answer all of your questions for 2021! These women look after some of the UK’s most sought-after influencers, so they know what it takes to make it in the industry. Featuring Gleam Future’s Head of Talent Francesca Scambler, founder of Season 25, Jessica Joseph and SevenSix Agency’s very own Talent Manager Rianna Williams, this panel isn’t to be missed!

Influencer Finances 101

Back in November, we hosted a tax webinar with the founder of Accountant_She, Rachel Martin, which answered our Influencer Network’s questions on all things tax-related. Well, Rachel’s back for another session where she’ll discuss influencer finances in detail. This talk will be particularly helpful to those who haven’t filed their tax returns yet…

How to Price Yourself

Our founder and host, Charlotte Williams, is so passionate about creatives knowing their worth (literally and figuratively), that she launched an industry survey to establish what influencers should really be paid in 2021. Maybe you helped fill out the form! Well, this session will go through the report insights and help you decide on your pricing strategy for the year.

How to Work with Brands

Three more brilliant female founders: Sara McCorquodale, founder of CORQ, Anna Hart, founder of One Roof Social and Iman Leila Bokolo, founder of Lima Communications and SYWT. These experts will talk through how to send that pitch email, what brands are looking for in influencers in 2021, and also answer any questions you may have about getting that dream brand partnership!

Influencer to Author

Charlotte Williams will speak to Stephanie Yeboah: fat acceptance advocate, plus-size fashion blogger and author of the best-seller Fattily Ever After. Stephanie is here to talk about her journey from content creator to author, dropping gems on how to optimise your platform and level up. One not to miss if you’re looking for goal inspiration!

Social Media Insights

Last but not least, the teams over at Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok will drop in throughout the day to give amazing tips on how to fully utilise their apps. Fresh and exciting insights that you won’t want to miss.

Sounds good right? General admission tickets are still available– see you on the 24th!