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Welcome! We’re SevenSix Agency, an influencer marketing agency who specialise in diversity and inclusion. Diversity for us isn’t just about ticking a box. We’re here to make a change. We work with brands, agencies and individual talent to deliver inclusive and striking campaigns. All over the world – in agency huddles and marketing meetings – D&I is beginning to be a part of the conversation. But it’s a long way from where we should be. Mishaps and faux pas are still commonplace – from terminology to outright whitewashing, it’s still not good enough. 

Here at SevenSix, we work hand in glove with our partners to deliver campaigns which strike the right tone and help them keep on top of their social and ethical responsibilities. We’re not here for tokenism. We create purpose-led content that makes an impact. Want to help create change? Drop us an email!

Have you ever seen a campaign and thought what were they thinking? That was us. Sick of seeing Marketing and PR teams completely void of diverse and inclusive faces. We wanted to break down walls- so we decided to do it ourselves. We are here for you. We wanted to create an agency for you. Literally. A platform where all voices are heard. All faces are seen. If there’s anything to be taken from the way of the world right now – is that the status quo is no more. 

We wanted to build an agency on the foundations of kindness, equality, innovation and education. We’re not rookies. We know our stuff. We have a decades worth of experience in the industry and are committed to delivering on our word.